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Welcome to our beginners fisherman site. In this site, we have provided information to answer basic questions related to fishing. We hope to help you and give you the information needed within the site. Here is an example of the type of questions that will be answered.



How do you catch a fish?

Before you cast your line, bait your hook and ask yourself, what are you hoping to catch? Are you using the right bait? Why do you want to fish? Next, cast your line, then watch the splash. Start out with the conflict hook. Crank the reel to take up the slack line. Put your net within reach in case you snag "The Big One". Tap the line to wiggle the lure. If you get a nibble, don’t jerk back. He’ll get away. Hit a reef. When the fish bites, Crank the reel, taking in line. Soon, the fish will break the water’s surface. Net the fish. Congratulations, you just caught a fish!

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